Marius Wilke

Graduate Engineer

Marius Wilke manages projects for water supply, supporting processes and wastewater services at aquabench.

After studying Water Resources Management at the University of Magdeburg-Stendal, Mr Wilke initially worked from April 2006 onwards as trainee, plant engineer and technical assistant at Gelsenwasser AG. In addition he worked as a lecturer in the DVGW State Group for North Rhine-Westphalia and in the event management of the DVGW vocational training unit.

He is the first point of contact for the strategic human resources management as well as IT benchmarking and process benchmarking in water supply. In addition, he puts his skills as a certified business presenter and trainer to use in "Federal state projects"supported by aquabench GmbH as well as bulk water supply benchmarking.

Major competencies

  • Strategic human resources management
  • IT benchmarking
  • Process analysis and optimisation, in particular in the drinking water services
  • Business presenter, business trainer

Phone: +49 2203 359 29-27
Fax: 02203 359 29-20